With this TVC for Sofakompagniet we wanted the target groups to build long lasting and positive values, feelings and identities with the brand – creating a strong bond between brand and devoted buyer.

Through initial dialog with the client, analysis on their brand, their product range, their typical target groups and their primary sale platform, we collected background knowledge for creating the TVC.

We found that trustworthiness on product design, comfort, durability and to the people behind the brand was very important USP’s. We communicated these USP’s by letting the main character be the actual designer herself working, creating and testing her furnitures in her design studio.

By retrospectively showing the designers childhood dreams on creating and her present passion for creative furniture design, we established an authentic and emotional connection between the designer and brand. Portraying her working with her designs, choosing and collecting materials and testing sofas herself, we showed a small company proudly driven by love and emotions to their brand, their designs and every unique unit produced.


An important goal with the TVC was to create a certainty amongst the target group about the brand representing a high quality product, durable and comfortable enough to daily wear and tear, designed and developed in Denmark.

The TVC is created as the “first in a row” stories for Sofakompagniet, where we direct and create authentic stories for authentic consumers.

Sofakompagniet B2C

Sofakompaginet TVC
Focus on storytelling and authenticity


  • Client: Sofakompagniet
  • Creative: Storm Poductions
  • DOP: René Strandbygaard
  • Production: Storm Productions
  • Post Production: Storm Productions