A 360 degree campaign to promote awareness about Carlsberg Sport

With this 360 degree campaign, we worked closely with Carlsberg Sport Marketing and their Media Agency PHD, producing a campaign aimed at the product’s end users and primary target group – the football kids and their parents ( the gatekeepers ).

The concept and overall message was “Alle stjerner starter et sted” – where we would emphasize that the football stars, the young people look up to, also have started their career bottom up – from scratch.

We produced a campaign, where various viewing platforms and media all was included, and price and quality was closely linked with the clients overall needs, and the receiving segment was pin-pointed in a campaign covered 360 degrees around.




Carlsberg Sport B2C

A 360 degree campaign to promote awareness about Carlsberg Sport.


  • Client: Carlsberg Sport
  • Agency: PHD
  • Creative: Storm Productions
  • DOP: Jacob Kusk
  • Production: Storm Productions
  • Post Production: Storm Productions