Welcome to B2B

Storm has for several years worked intensively with B2B clients, communicating elaborated narratives on innovation, science and progression with the partners involved.

Working with B2B customers requires not only an insight into their main brand, but also in the collaboration with partner brands. Only then can you fully understand how cohesion and cooperation between enterprises emerge and progress.

From our experience with B2C commercials and non-spot production comes the advantage in the ability to tell a story within a short timespan, in a clear visual language and with an impact-full pay-off. From B2C marketing we have insight in target-groups and are able to analyse what motivates the consumer and to use that knowledge in creating campaigns.

We use that knowledge in B2B communication as well in order to extract info on target groups and products. This gives us a clear cut advantage and ability in focusing even deeper on storytelling and enable several more narrative layers and an elaborated story about products and brand.

B2B info

“Professional and rigorous work with a sense of thinking outside the box and with an incredibly positive attitude to both fixed budgets and targets”
Nis Bank Lorenzen, Marketing Manager, Microsoft Denmark

“The prime requirement in effective Corporate Communication is to tell an interesting story. And good Story-development goes hand-in-hand with production development”.
Producer  Dennis Rafn