How to mix black & white without turning it into gray?

Coca-Cola Burn and Tuborg Lime case
Campaigning above, below and though the line – this is essentially what was done with this case. Covering concepts from TV-spots to POS, online media, key visuals, club music and event material. This case is not only special because of the various medias in use, but due to the fact that two major brands was uniting in co-sponsoring a third brand.

The challenge was to combine three major brands: Coca-Cola Burn, Tuborg Lime and Paradise Hotel and gather them into one coherent campaign broadcasted on several platforms in a joint look and feel – without compromising any of the three brands. Or put in another way: To blend black and white without turning it into gray

The brands
It was important that each brand kept their distinct key-values and visual identities, and to maintain that each brand kept representing their respective USP’s, brand values and target audience throughout the campaign.

The solution was a concept we called “Day and Night” – in this new created look all three brands worked in a coherent setting, however, were still individually represented. 

We developed a series of TV sponsorships for Coca-Cola Burn – with focus on their range of products. Produced a new Paradise Hotel logo and a complete new on-air-look package with a range of program idents, logo animations, sub-bars, name boards and templates for the actual TV programme. Another important element in the concept was the design of new key-visuals for both Coca-Cola Burn and Tuborg Lime. And we delivered a broad range of prints to off-trade, on-trade and outdoor campaigns throughout Denmark.

Paradise Hotel, Tuborg, BURN B2C

Campaigning above, below and trough the line – this is essentially what was done with this case.


  • Client: Paradise Hotel, Tuborg, BURN
  • Creative: Storm Productions
  • Production: Storm Productions
  • Post Production: Storm Productions