About Us and our DNA

Combining creativity with production minimizes time and connects the best possibilites and solutions of both ends of the story

A creative partner
At Storm we create strategies, concepts and solutions with effective impact and results that will stand out.
We are driven by creativity with the ability to produce creative concepts and strategies based on clear goals, long term perspectives, targeted audiences, and with a confidence about accomplish effect.

We have years of experience within advertising and non-spot production, in which we function as both the creative and producing part.
Our in-house production incorporated with our analytical and creative skills, makes both production and concept development a transparent, effective and executable process, where client, creative unit and production is in close communication with the fewest possible intermediaries. The foundation of our business is in film and motion production. Today we are a conjunction of a traditional production company and creative agency and provide a broad spectrum of solutions. We incorporate project development as a common creative process and use our various fields of expertise to create an output that meet our Clients expectations and demands. In the end it’s all about effect!

The Result
Our longstanding relationship with Broadcasters, media agencies and a wide range of clients has given us a great deal of experience for handling both large scale campaigns as well as small productions. We produce to single media, as well as complete 360° large scale solutions.
We know about marketing goals, target groups and Strategies.

Let us be your creative partner.